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Do Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

Do Plumbers Install Gas Lines

Yes, plumbers are often trained and licensed to install gas lines. This task requires specific knowledge and adherence to safety regulations, as gas line installation involves risks such as leaks and fire hazards. It’s important to ensure that the plumber you hire is certified and experienced in this type of work. Not all plumbers may offer this service, so it’s advisable to confirm their qualifications and services offered before hiring.

Below are some reasons why plumbers need to install your gas lines.

Reasons Why You Need a Plumber To Install Your Gas Lines

Because of the risk involved in installing gas lines and the use of gas stoves, you need the service of an expert. Plumbers are the most qualified to handle such a job in most cases. Here are some of the reasons you need a professional plumber’s service for your gas line installation.

The Use of Pipes

Most pipes and materials used in water installation are also used for gas installation. A professional plumber will know the type of pipe and other safe materials for gas installation and the proper way to install them. Also, a plumber’s experience could help install special pipes that work with some specific gas appliances.


There are many risks associated with installing and using natural gas, especially when it is not done properly. Hiring a professional plumber will at least reduce the worry over the risk of what could happen with a faulty gas line. Nevertheless, gas pipes could corrode over time and lead to gas leakage. It would be best to watch out for any sign of gas leakage.

Required by Law

Some codes or laws guide the installation of gas lines in some states. This code specifies that professionals should carry out the gas installation. You should check the law in your state before you install your gas line. Nevertheless, in a situation where no law guides gas line installation in your state, you should hire a licensed plumber who will do the installation safely.

Can I Install Gas Lines Myself?

Though DIY methods will save you some money, expand your skills, and give you a sense of fulfillment in handling a job yourself, you must, however, not extend this to some risky tasks like gas installation and repairs because gas lines should be installed correctly or the damage could be disastrous.

It is illegal for you to install or repair gas lines in some states if you are not certified to do that. In addition, natural gas could be highly hazardous if there is any mistake in its installation. You need the service of a certified plumber for the installation and repair of gas lines. Therefore, applying DIY methods in installing and repairing gas lines is not advisable.  

Signs of Gas Leaks

Over time, gas pipes could corrode and begin to leak, primarily when such pipes are not maintained properly. Gas leaks are, however, dangerous when not noticed early. You should always watch out for any signs of gas leakage. Highlighted below are the common signs of gas leakage.


In most cases, you likely begin to perceive the smell of sulfur or a rotten egg within the environment where it is leaking. After a while, the smell could be unbearable if you do not fix it immediately.

Whistling Sound

Another way you could detect a gas leak apart from the smell is a whistling sound close to the gas lines. You will be attentive, live in a calm environment, or move close to the leaking point before you hear such a sound.

Increment in Gas Bill

You have to be conversant with your average monthly gas bills before detecting gas leakage through this sign. An outrageous increase in your gas bill could mean there is gas leakage.

Preventing Gas Leakage

Your safety should be your priority as a homeowner. Part of what you can do to ensure your safety is to prevent gas leakage. These are some of the steps you can follow to prevent gas leakage:

Periodic Check

You can take a walk around your home to check for any sign of gas leakage at your leisure. If you notice anything wrong with the gas pipes, you should call a certified plumber immediately.

Hire a Professional Plumber

Installation and maintenance of gas pipes are very crucial in preventing gas leakage. You should hire a plumber if you want to install or repair your gas pipes. Just avoid DIY!

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