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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Most homes in the United States have been built on slabs, but if your home has a basement or crawl space you will be spared from slab leaks. Building a home on slabs means that you must have underfloor plumbing and this means that the cement wraps around the plumbing tubes and pipes. When these plumbing tubes and water pipes begin to leak, you need plumbers.

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Butler Plumbers Inc. has a team of expert plumbers that will plumb your slab leaks. Our team uses modern and sophisticated tools such as the Roto Router to locate leaks and carry out repairs. Our services ensure that your home is comfortable, secure, and stable. 

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At times, you do not know that you have a slab leak. However, a check into your basement could reveal a damp smell. Worse still, your home could be having some water in the basement.

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Slab leak detection

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We understand the meaning of slab leaks to the foundation of the home. Slab leaks threaten the comfort and stability of your home. Although they are costly, slab leak repairs are lower when compared to the losses that you will incur if you lose the whole home. We have done slab leak repairs in various homes in Oklahoma City. We do an analysis of your slab leak and advice on a total overhaul of the plumbing system using high-quality plumbing pipes. Besides, our professional experts offer repairs to the leaking pipes.

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slab leak oklahoma city box

Our company offers plumbing services and slab leak detection. We have professional plumbers that understand trenchless pipe repair and the use of Roto Router technology. We provide emergency services and effective slab leak repairs. If you need our team to assess your slab leak, you can call us or drop a message on our website. We can discuss and schedule a meeting. We respond to all messages and calls and ensure that you get the best services.

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