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Plumbing Statistics in Oklahoma City

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The plumbing industry in Oklahoma City, as of 2023, reflects a dynamic and essential sector, crucial for both residential and commercial infrastructures. This article delves into the current statistical landscape of plumbers in Oklahoma City, drawing on recent data to provide a comprehensive understanding of the profession in this region.

Employment and Wage Statistics

  • Average Hourly Wage: Plumbers in Oklahoma City earn an average of $27.83 per hour, according to This rate situates plumbers in this area within a competitive pay bracket when compared to national averages​​.
  • Wage Range: The hourly wage range for plumbers in Oklahoma City typically spans from $24 to $31. This variance reflects factors such as experience, specialization, and the complexity of the job at hand​​.
  • Annual Income: Annually, plumbers in this region can expect to earn between $51,000 and $65,000, depending on factors like overtime, job complexity, and individual contracts​​.

National Context

  • Employment Numbers: Nationally, there are approximately 427,920 individuals employed as plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters, as of May 2022​​.
  • Mean Wages: On a national scale, the mean hourly wage for this group is $31.34, with a mean annual wage of around $65,190​​.
  • Wage Percentiles: At the lower end, the bottom 10% of plumbers earn about $17.91 per hour nationally, while the top 10% can earn more than $48.65 per hour, illustrating the potential for significant wage growth within the industry​​.

Industry Insights

  • Sector Employment: The majority of plumbers are employed in building equipment contractors, with notable employment also seen in utility system construction and local government sectors​​.
  • Top Paying Industries: The highest paying industries for this occupation include spectator sports, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, and educational support services, showcasing the diverse opportunities available for skilled plumbers​​.

Career Path and Development

  • Skill Enhancement: Advancement in pay and position often correlates with gaining specialized skills, certifications, and experience in advanced plumbing techniques.
  • Educational Opportunities: Continuing education and training can play a significant role in career advancement for plumbers, enabling them to stay updated with the latest technologies and regulations in the industry.


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