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Are You Asking Yourself… Do Plumbers Fix Water Heaters?

Do Plumbers Fix Water Heaters

When the need to fix water heaters arises, many people are caught between reaching out to an HVAC expert or a plumber. For starters, you should know that a plumber does fix water heaters. This is as long as the professional has paid his dues in training, amongst other things.

Water heaters are very functional and sensitive appliances. So they should be installed, repaired, serviced, replaced, and maintained by people trained enough to handle them. And in this case, plumbers are the go-to option for these water heater-related services.

Here, we would shed some light on this appliance and how plumbers can help put them in the right state and shape. You are strongly advised to keep reading so that you can make the most of your water heater. 

How a Water Heater Works

Understanding the way this appliance works would help you better understand how these professionals can be of great help. To this end, you should know that this appliance consists of peripheral components and a reasonably sized tank.

The reasonably sized tank gets water supplied into a dip tube. Another peripheral but important component is the thermostat. This component checks the temperature and signals the need to keep heating or stop the process.

It is a very critical component for several reasons. The first is functionality. The essence of the appliance is to have the right degree of water supplied to the various channels. Well, the thermostat makes this happen.

The second reason the thermostat is important is to protect the appliance itself. Anything exceeding 140°F would cause untold damage to the tank’s interior and other parts that have contact with the heated water. So, it is important that the thermostat monitors the water temperature correctly and regulates how the appliance operates.

You should also know that temperatures below 120°F would make the tank’s interior unhealthy. This is because microbes such as bacteria will thrive right inside them. So, the thermostat plays a crucial role in ensuring that clean water is supplied. 

Why a Water Heater Should be Handled by a Qualified Plumber

We have established that these professionals have the technical expertise to handle water heater-related jobs. This is whether yours is powered by gas or even electricity.

However, you should be particular about getting the best hands to help out, considering how sensitive these appliances are. Some of the reasons for this include the following:

To Avoid Exorbitant Charges

Like any other HVAC system and appliance, a faulty water heater will affect your electricity bills. It would demand more electricity while it does not function optimally. As a result, your qualified plumber fixing the problem turns out to be cost-effective.

This is because you would not have to spend more on electricity charges that you cannot account for. For this reason, you should reach out to your qualified plumber when you have issues with your water heater. This is regardless of how mild or severe the problem might seem.

To Prevent or Mitigate Water Damages

There is the possibility of water damage happening when these appliances are involved. This is why they must be well installed, managed, serviced, replaced, and maintained.

This professional is trained to ensure that your appliance does not present water damage issues. If this happens, this professional can also come to your aid.

To keep your water heater running for a good amount of years, make sure you give the proper maintenance to it as this will also help you keep the repairs at a minimum.

To Prevent an Explosion

This is the last thing you want to experience with this appliance. For this reason, you should be deliberate about keeping your water heater in the right state and shape.

On this note, your approach should not only be resolving issues but trying as much as possible to avoid them. This is the best way to prevent these kinds of complications.

Just so you know, these kinds of issues do not arise out of the blues. More often than not, they degenerate from mild problems that end up as severe ones simply because the proper measures were not taken.

So, you should not give second thoughts to reaching out to your qualified plumber when the need arises. This is crucial, as stressed in this point and several parts of this article.

To Ensure that your Water Heater Functions Properly

Many people turn a blind eye to their water heater when it is not working optimally. They give excuses as long as they get some measure of heated water. You should not do this.

This is because turning a blind eye to the problem can complicate things. So, you should reach out to your qualified plumber to repair your gas or electric water heater when the need arises.

To Make Sure Regulatory Codes Are Adhered to

Depending on where you are resident, there are regulatory bodies existent to make sure your water heater is well installed and used. This is because of the sensitive roles of this appliance and how damages can affect not only you but also your neighbors.

The good news is that qualified plumbers are trained and experienced in adhering to these regulatory codes. In other words, you would not have problems with the authorities as a result. 

Reasons Why Your Water Heater Might Need Fixing

It should be noted that every water heater has a lifespan. This is regardless of how good the product or brand is. So, you should understand that a replacement will be required at some point. Other than this, some of the reasons you might need to have your water heater fixed include the following:

Bad Odor

A foul smell from your water is one of the signs that your water heater is infected with bacteria. So, you should reach out to your plumber to make things right.

A Leaking Tank

Do not take a leaking water heater tank for granted. This is to avoid a bust of rushing hot water at the very least. Contact your plumber to fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should stay off that area.

Rust-Colored water

The inside of the tank can also end up rusting or face other forms of corrosion. The result is rust-colored water. You should do something quick about it by contacting your plumber. This is to protect the metallic parts of the tank’s interior at the very least. 


Other than what we have right above, there are other plumbing needs when a water heater is concerned. When the need for their services arises, you should not hesitate to reach out to them.

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