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Step-by-step Guide to Becoming a Plumber in Oklahoma City

Finding the best plumbing service near you can be tough, especially if you are a resident of Oklahoma City. From drain repair, pipe repairs, and repiping to professional inspections, it can be daunting to find people who are experts in this area.

But how can you find a licensed plumber? If you aspire to delve into plumbing as a profession in Oklahoma City, you will have to stand out among other professional plumbers.

So how can you become a plumber in Oklahoma City? What are the requirements and stages for plumbers in Oklahoma City? And how can you get a plumbing license to become a certified plumber in Oklahoma City? Please keep reading, as the answers to these questions will be provided in this article.

How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Oklahoma City

Remember that in Oklahoma, plumbing involves more than just understanding how to mend a faulty pipe or put in a new toilet. It is also important to understand what it requires to manage a company and maintain satisfied clients. To that end, we’ve compiled this detailed guide to serve as a springboard for becoming a successful plumber.

This segment will help you understand what you need to do to qualify as a plumber in Oklahoma, from studying the fundamentals of plumbing to selecting an appropriate educational program and making sure you are prepared for the challenges of the profession.

Licensing Requirements in Oklahoma

Ensure you’re familiar with the current standards before considering applying for the Oklahoma Plumbing Board’s licensing exam. These requirements are listed below:

  • All participants must be 18 or older to join.
  • Applicants must have attended and completed their high school.
  • You must have at least three to four years of experience as a journeyman plumber or plumbing contractor.
  • You’ll have to submit to a background check, as this will help verify that you are not disqualified by a criminal history and are a good fit for the role.
  • Must offer proof that you are both bonded and insured.
  • Getting your license and passing the necessary examinations will cost you money. And obviously, you need to do well on the tests to get your license.

All of these factors are important to consider if you’re thinking about getting your plumbing license. The procedure may be time-consuming and costly. Yet, if you put in the effort, the payoff is substantial.

In addition to obtaining a plumbing license in Oklahoma City, you must take part in the plumbing test. I am sure that the question that might be running through your mind is how many questions are on the Oklahoma plumbing test? The next paragraph provides the answer.

The Oklahoma plumbing test is a timed, open-book exam. You are given three hours to answer 80 questions. The passing mark for this test is 75%, and the exam cost is $100.

Having considered the requirements to become a licensed plumber in Oklahoma City, I am sure you would want to know the various stages involved in getting a plumbing license in Oklahoma City, right? So the next segment discusses that.

Stages Required to Become an Oklahoma Certified Plumber

To become a licensed plumber in Oklahoma City, one must pass through three stages. Each of these stages is crucial to your development and obtaining a license as a Plumber in Oklahoma City. Hence, if you are planning to become a certified plumber in Oklahoma City, you must pass through the three stages below:

1. Apprentice Plumber

It’s time to test your mettle in the real world after you’ve finished school and earned the appropriate credentials. For example, an apprentice plumber works alongside a more seasoned professional on smaller jobs so that the latter may teach the former.

Depending on how rapidly you learn new information, this phase might continue from three months to a full year. Beginning with simple tasks under the watchful eye of a more experienced plumber, you’ll learn the ropes of the trade in this phase.

You’ll get a crash course in everything from tools and equipment to reading designs, keeping financial records, and applying plumbing regulations. Your chances of being promoted depend on how quickly you can pick up these abilities; therefore, it’s crucial that your supervisor is ready and able to educate you.

2. Journeyman Plumber

After serving an apprenticeship period, you may apply for a license to work as a journeyman plumber. A test you have to take will assess how well you know things like plumbing laws and construction ordinances.

If you do well on the test, your company must apply for a license with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. There will be a 30-day wait period after application submission while the state processes it. A license to work as a journeyman plumber in Oklahoma will be issued to you upon passing the required exams.

Before you can apply for this license, you will need to complete a three-year apprenticeship with a qualified master plumber, unless you already possess a journeyman’s license or are excluded from this requirement due to active duty in the military. 

If you are exempt from this requirement, you can skip the apprenticeship. On the other hand, after you have received your license, you are authorized to do any job relating to the field of plumbing in the state of Oklahoma.

3. Plumbing Contractor

You have finished the necessary steps to qualify as a plumber and are now qualified to begin working in the field. As a plumbing contractor, your duties will include staffing and overseeing subcontractors and supplying them with necessary supplies and equipment.

In other cases, you may need to interact directly with customers, such as when there is a problem with the work or when an unexpected breakdown occurs during the workday.

Plumbing contractors typically have a total of three years’ worth of experience and above, as journeymen plumbers. You are also expected to pass an exam that is based on the plumbing code and has questions on safety,  installation procedures, and materials. 

This test is administered by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. Passing this test with a 75% or above score will qualify you to apply for a license as a plumbing contractor.

How is Life in Oklahoma City as a Plumber?

The Oklahoma City plumbing market is solid if you’re in the trade. A career in plumbing provides consistent earning potential. This profession is indeed among the safest and most secure available.

Not only does the trade have a long and storied tradition, but plumbers are essential to the operation of every building in the United States. They are the real heroes who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

However, a plumber’s job prospects vary greatly depending on their location. In Oklahoma City, a plumber can expect to earn an average annual salary of $53,790.

The Cost of living in Oklahoma City is also cheaper than the national average of $56,330 per year, so it’s not like you’re losing anything. This is good news for the local plumbing industry.

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber for your Company or Home 

To keep your home or business running smoothly and undisturbed as a business or homeowner, it is important to choose a reliable plumber in Oklahoma City. This is why any company owner in Oklahoma City would be wise to retain the services of a licensed commercial plumber.

Expert commercial plumbers know how to fix plumbing problems quickly and correctly. In addition, they have everything necessary to deal with any job, no matter how big or small, complicated or straightforward.

To put it another way, you may have faith that the plumbing requirements of your business will be met when you engage a commercial plumber. But is it really important to hire a licensed commercial plumber for your home or business? Indeed, the significance cannot be overstated. 

The following is a list of some of the reasons why you should employ a plumber who is licensed to work in your house or company.

They Possess the Appropriate Equipment for the Task

One of the most important aspects of any company, whether large or small, is its plumbing system. Clients and workers depend on you to provide potable water and sanitary facilities.

Additionally, as a company owner, you depend on your plumbing to be in working order to ensure the smooth running of your company. However, what consequences may arise if things go wrong? Commercial plumbers have years of expertise and unparalleled competence in fixing any and all plumbing issues and are here to assist.

To top it all off, commercial plumbers are always up-to-date on the newest plumbing innovations, so you can be certain that your project will use the best available equipment and technology.

They Understand and Observe All Relevant Laws and Regulations

You must follow certain rules and regulations to run your company legally and effectively. Local and state governments impose these rules to safeguard the public and company owners from harm.

The good news is that a seasoned Oklahoma City business plumber can ensure that your plumbing and other safety features comply with all applicable codes. They have worked on hundreds of different commercial projects over the years and can use this knowledge to assist you in making sure your firm follows all regulations. 

Also, they will be able to supply you with any other data you may need to run your company in the safest possible manner.

They help you Save Time and Money

You’re already stretched too thin. You don’t want to have to pay attention to the plumbing at your company every week, much alone fret about it, since you didn’t hire the correct people. But fear not, commercial plumbers have arrived to rescue the day!

Hiring a business plumber is an expense, but it will save you time and energy. In addition, the services of a commercial plumber might be contracted for an annual (or longer) flat rate.

If a pipe breaks or a faucet springs a leak in your business building, you can be certain that your commercial plumber will fix the problem at no additional cost to you.

Just think about the implications of this for your company: not only will you avoid spending money on repairs now and in the future, but you’ll also save time.

Professional commercial plumbers can do much more to keep your company operating smoothly and effectively, including changing fixtures, correcting leaks, installing new HVAC systems, and updating older systems.

Their Expertise is Beyond Compare

A company should avoid any contractor that lacks professionalism. It would help if you chose someone who is not only qualified and capable of doing the task at hand but also conscious of your organization’s value on its time and resources.

To find the best plumbers in OKC they must have a stellar reputation for professionalism, so you can trust that they will handle your company with care. These experts never waste anyone’s time, whether scheduled to meet with someone or respond to an urgent phone call.

Moreover, these experts have an extensive technical understanding of plumbing systems. As a result, they can provide you with useful guidance on improving your pipes’ efficiency and safeguarding against future difficulties.

Some of the common plumbing issues that may warrant you hiring a licensed plumber in Oklahoma City are:

  • Improper Installation
  • Old Pipe Materials
  • Faulty Sewer Lines
  • Root Intrusion
  • Bellied Lines
  • Outdated Piping
  • Old Fixtures

How to know if a Plumber is Licensed 

Checking the plumber’s website is the first step in verifying that they are licensed to do the work. Their website should provide their experience, education, licensing, and credentials. You may learn more about your plumber’s capabilities, completed jobs, and customer feedback from their website.

Checking a plumber’s license is important regardless of how appealing their website may seem. Get started by checking the plumber’s credentials. Professional plumbers will have no problem proving they are licensed and insured. Once you have your plumber’s contact information, you may use it to confirm their active license.

An individual’s plumbing license may be checked using three different data sources.

  • Complete name of the plumber
  • The name of the plumbing firm
  • Identified by the license plate number.

Norms and agencies responsible for issuing licenses vary from state to state. For example, a plumber’s eligibility to operate in your area may be checked via your community’s licensing office. The Department of Labor in your state may also have this data.

Your plumber should be able to provide you with evidence of liability insurance if you ask for it. The next step is to contact the plumber’s insurance provider and ensure they are covered.

As a resident of Oklahoma City, are you allowed to do plumbing issues in your home? Unfortunately, the answer is a big No. The following are some reasons one is not allowed to carry out any plumbing in their home.

  • Your DIY Plumbing Won’t Comply with State and Local Building Codes
  • You Could Cause Water Damage
  • Your Home Insurance Policy does not cover DIY Plumbing
  • You Don’t Have the Right Skills Or Training

Final Wrap Up 

Plumbing may be the right choice if you’re looking for a career requiring hard work and dedication. The field is constantly growing, and the demand for skilled professionals is always high. With proper training and experience, you can have a rewarding career as a plumber. In addition, the field offers plenty of opportunities for advancement, and you’ll be able to earn a living doing something that you truly enjoy.


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