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repiping in oklahoma city

Repiping Specialists in Oklahoma City

One of the major plumbing issues you could face as a homeowner is pipe-related issues. Of course, it will be possible to replace the pipes at one point, but eventually, you will need to put in new pipes in your entire home. But how do you know that your home needs repiping? How do you identify the right plumber for your needs, and what piping materials will suit you?

Butler Plumbing Inc. has all the answers. As experts who have been in this field since 1986, we have the right skills and experience to help you navigate the repiping process.

How Do You Know if You Need to Repiping Specialist

Repiping a house is a big project to take on. While it does not touch on the sewer line, it involves rerouting the water supply line and fixing sections that are broken, leaking, or damaged. However, it may be unavoidable. Below, we outline the reasons why you may need new plumbing pipes.

Lead Pipes and Polybutylene Pipes

Lead pipes were standard in the early 19th century homes. However, they are not the best piping option and can cause serious health hazards.

Polybutylene pipes are made of plastic resin and are highly susceptible to damage.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes were used in American homes prior to World War II. However, these pipes are commonly eroded after some years. When galvanized pipes are corroded, water flow is restricted, and the sediments end up in your hot and cold water supply and drinking water.

You Constantly Need Repairs and Plumbing

You may need to remove and replace your existing pipes if you feel that your plumbing system is compromised and you can’t get rid of plumbing issues; then, you may need a remodel to avoid any future remodels over the coming years.

You Need a Remodel

If you feel that your bathroom or kitchen or water heater is too old and you want to install new ones, then you may need to repipe at the same time to save time and money in the future.

What Materials are Used for Remodeling?

Pex Pipes

Pex pipe solutions are new in the market. However, they are practical and cheaper than other alternatives such as CPVC. Pex piping can go for as little as $0.30 per foot.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are expensive but functional and practical in the home. Since copper is a commodity, the prices of copper piping might change.

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repiping in oklahoma city

Repiping the water supply system is an extensive and arduous task. Therefore, you need a trusted plumber who understands your needs and can work with you according to your specifications. Butler Plumbing Inc. is a trusted plumber in Oklahoma City. Since our establishment in 1986, we have worked to ensure that your plumbing systems are in place. Today, we continue to live up to the promise of excellent and quality work. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal plumber, we are the solution. Reach out to us today by phone or by filling in the form on our website.

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