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repair pipe leaks Oklahoma City

Pipe Leak Repair In Oklahoma City

Are you having water supply issues such as noisy or frozen pipes or leaking pipes?

You are not alone. Water leaks are a common occurrence in many homes. Each day water runs through the supply pipes in your home at immense pressure, and with time, even the strongest pipes will get affected and start leaking.

Butler Plumbers Inc. is here to help you through our water pipe leak repair services. If you have a concrete slab leak or leaky pipe somewhere within your home or business, you will need to call the ultimate professionals in Oklahoma City.

Get the job done right with Butler Plumbing Inc.

How to Fix Pipe Leaks

Temporary Fixing of Leaks

Fixing a temporary leak involves locating the leak and shutting off the water flow before determining the next course of action. You can then apply a pope repair clamp and bolt it over the sleeve or make your clamp by wrapping the burst pipe section with a rubber strip. Lastly, if the problem is near a joint, you will have to use epoxy putty.

Locating a Copper Pipe Leak

The first step to take is to detect whether there is a leak. Usually, it is pretty easy to know if a pipe is leaking as you will hear the water spraying, even if it is inside the ceiling or wall. In many cases, drywall becomes wet, and it may pool at the base of the wall.

Turning off the Valve and Cutting the Wall

The next step will involve turning off the valve that controls water flow and the main valve and draining water from the pipes. After this, you will cut the wall to access the pipe. You may need to put in place drop cloths to prevent any unprecedented messes in the working area. Finally, you can use a utility knife to make straight-line cuts. Do not throw out the section you cut out, as this will help you later.

Cut Out the Damaged Section and Apply Flux

This next step involves making cuts on the damaged pipe’s side. Depending on the pipe’s location, you can use a metal cutting blade or a tubing cutter. You will then measure the space between the pipes that were just cut off and cut the replacement about 1/4 inches shorter.

After this, you will apply flux to these ends and use sandpaper to remove any burrs.

Test the Couplings, Solder Them and Repair the Wall

Next, you will need to see if the coupling fits by sliding it onto the pipes at both ends. Usually, they will fit, so the next step will be to solder the coupling to the pipes. Allow these pipes to cool before you turn the water back on. Ensure all opened and dripping faucets are closed.

As you begin to use the water supply pipes again, you might find that the faucets will occasionally spit air when you use them. This usually stops after a few uses.

After finishing the pipe repair, you will have to repair the wall you removed earlier.

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repair pipe leaks Oklahoma City

While it may be easy to follow these instructions, executing them may be difficult. You need a professional plumber to help fix copper pipes. We have all the required items, tools, and skills to help fix pipe leaks and concrete slab leaks, so you will not have to bother going to the hardware store or repairing yourself. Reach out to Butler Plumbing Inc. today by phone or by filling out the form on the website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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