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gas leak detection oklahoma city

Gas Leak Detection in OKc

Natural gas is a safe, efficient, and convenient energy source that almost three-quarters of American homes use for cooking, water heating, washing and drying clothes plus warm houses.  If your natural gas is not installed well and maintained, gas leaks can ruin the safety of the home. Poorly maintained gas lines cause natural gas leaks. Butler Plumbers Inc. offers gas leak detection services and ensures that your home and the occupants are safe and healthy.

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Our company has excellent plumbers that use professional tools to detect gas leaks. The team has a rich experience grown from conducting gas leak detection in Oklahoma City. We have a smart team with a high level of expertise that offers efficient services.

Our Services

Your sense of smell may not be that sharp. Besides, you need a professional opinion to confirm if your home is having a gas leak. Our team has experts that will come and assess your house for gas leaks. Common gas leak detection tactics include:

  • Hissing noise
    Gas leaks from gas supply lines and pipes emit a hissing noise. You must listen and have a sharp sense of listening. However, if you fail to hear any hissing sound, feel free to contact our team for professional gas leak detection services.
  • Checking the gas meter
    a gas leak occurs if your gas meter readings are higher than usual.
  • Rotten egg smell
    Natural gas is colorless and you may not see it in the air. If you have a good sense of smell, you will get a rotten egg odor that is persistent. Call a plumber to check the gas supply lines.
  • Gas Leak detectors
    If you are using gas in your home, make sure that you have a gas detector. It will alert you when there is gas in the environment. Alternatively, we have modern gas leak detectors that are very accurate and efficient.
  • Color of fire on your gas range
    if your fire is red or orange, your gas is leaking and you need our professional plumbers to check the gas supply line.

Why Choose Us

If your home has an air quality problem, we help you by conducting routine maintenance on your furnace, stove, and any other appliance that uses gas. We install a proper ventilator in a gas furnace or other appliance to ensure that leaking gas does not accumulate in your home. We also advise that every home must have a carbon monoxide detector that will help in detecting carbon monoxide gas in the house. Gas leak detectors and sensors will save your life, your family, and your home or business.

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gas leak detection oklahoma city

We offer routine services in your home that will prevent gas leaks from occurring. Our professional plumbers check your gas supply lines, fireplaces, heat pumps, and gas stoves for a gas leak. Our team has gas leak detection specialists and tools that will help in eliminating gas leaks in your home or business. You can call us or send us a message on our website. We respond to all calls and messages.

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