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Drain Repair and Replacement

Your home, industrial or commercial property may be doing well now. However, over time, you will find that you need your drain system needs repair. The average drain system will function perfectly for up to 40 years before the existing pipes develop issues that need to be addressed.

If your drain lines have started showing signs, you may need to contact us so that we can help you with drain line replacement and repair. We have years of experience helping businesses and homeowners solve drain line problems in Oklahoma City, OK. We handle many sewage services, including no-dig pipe restoration, drain line cleaning, broken drain pipe replacement, drain blockages, and even corrosion.

Our Drain Line Services

Below, we describe some of our services in detail:

Trenchless Drain Line Repair

Drain line repairs should not interrupt your daily activities at home or in the business. It is unsightly to see parts of the parking lot, patio, or landscape dug up. For this reason, we offer trenchless drain repair. Trenchless drain line repairs minimize environmental impact while getting your drain system running as soon as possible.

We drill a few small holes in the drain pipes during this process to determine where the problem is and then address it. Finally, we replace pipes through the pipe bursting technique to ensure that your system remains intact.

You can call us or reach out to us and see if this is the right choice for your drain situation.

Pipe Restoration

Are you dealing with clogged pipes and sewage backups? Over time, your home’s plumbing system deals with different issues, including corrosion, root growth, and deterioration. At Butler Plumbing, we can make your pipes as good as new by cleaning them and relining them.

Leaking Drains

A leaking drain and a drain line clog can be detrimental to your property and health, yet they can be challenging to detect. At Butler Plumbing Inc, we can help you determine whether you are dealing with leaking drains by performing a dye test and then taking the necessary steps to ensure that the drain lines are repaired or replaced.

Preventive Pipe Maintenance

Instead of waiting for your drain pipes to get old before you can pay attention to them, you can contact us for preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is cheaper and can help prevent your drains from being damaged.

Drain Line Replacement

We first check to see if your drain line can be repaired. In cases where the damage is too significant, we replace the pipes. Our professional plumbers have the necessary skills to replace these pipes with minimal effect on your landscape.

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While you may not need drain system repairs any other day, you should stay up to date with its health. Preventative pipe maintenance can help your pipes last longer. At Butler Plumbing Inc, we understand what it takes to maintain a healthy drain system and how to repair and replace them should the need arise. If you need a professional to help you determine the health of your system or help you with any related problems, we are the professionals you should contact. So give us a call or fill out the form on our website, and we will get back to you promptly.

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