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Drain Cleanout

When you least expect it, you may find a clogged drain that causes a backup. Unfortunately, you may be lost when this happens because you may not necessarily understand where your drain cleanout is located and what you can do to remedy the situation.

However, only plumbing professionals such as Butler Plumbing Inc. have your back. We have professional plumbers who understand how to clear drains. We have the necessary experience to carry out the job, and we will not hesitate to come to your rescue when you need us the most. Therefore, you should feel confident reaching out to us, and we will be more than glad to serve you.

What is a drain line cleanout?

A drain clean-out is a pipe with a cap. It is located near or on your property line. The drain cleanout connects to the lateral drain line, which connects your residence’s main drain line inside or outside your house to a septic tank or municipal drain line.

A blockage in the lateral drain lines could cause back up into the drains, which creates a health hazard and a mess. With a drain cleanout, you can allow a hydro-jetting tool or snake to disperse the clog and get your drain lines running as they should.

Finding the drain cleanout

Typically, the drain cleanout will be projected just above the ground. They generally are 3 to 6 inches and are usually black and white. While most of the drain pipes today are made of PVC, you may find some homes having copper drainage lines, especially those built in the 70s.

It can be more complicated to find cleanouts in some homes, especially if there are multiple drain cleanouts. Furthermore, homes in colder climates also have drain cleanouts located inside the house. Finally, if your home is in a warm climate area, you might have an outdoor drain cleanout located in the yard. Below, we outline some of the steps you can take to find the cleanout easily:

Start with the Sidewalk

Many municipalities mark areas where the municipal drain line meets the lateral drain line. Usually, it is usually painted or marked with an S along the sidewalk. You can easily find a cleanout in the vicinity or around the area.

Near the Foundation

If placing the drain line near the road is inconvenient, you will likely find the cleanout near the home, especially where there is a septic tank.

Look Inside

If you suspect that your cleanouts may be inside the house, you can check your drainage pipes and follow them to the main sewage line. An indoor drain cleanout will mostly manifest as a y-shaped pipe fitting with one capped side.

Installing a drain cleanout

Installing a clean-out in your home involves a series of steps. If you are lucky, you may find that your municipality has programs that will help offset installation costs. However, you may need some permits before the installation, so checking with your local municipality before starting is crucial.

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Drain Cleanout edited

Many homeowners do not have experience installing or splicing pipes. However, if you need help, you can reach out to us at Butler Plumbers Inc. As a dedicated cleanout drain specialist, we have what it takes to help you install a fortified drain system.

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