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Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks?

Do Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks?

Do Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks

Are you wondering if plumbers fix gas leaks? A gas leakage should not be treated as a minor issue. This is why drastic measures have to be taken to address the problem as soon as possible. This means that the right service provider needs to be called upon to attend to the problem.

Speaking of the right service provider, this could be a plumber or gas company. The service provider that you call would depend on the side where the gas leakage problem occurs. The gas company should be called when the leakage is with municipal gas channels. This also includes leaks on the meter side.

On the other hand, a plumber must be called upon when gas leakage occurs in residential and commercial buildings. More light would be shed on this here, and you are advised to keep reading to know what to do should a gas leakage problem occur.

But first things first, it is important that you can tell when there is a gas leakage problem. So, let us start by explaining how to detect a gas leakage.

How to Know When You Have a Gas Leakage Problem?

If/when you have a gas leakage problem, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is in your best interest and that of other residents and even neighbors.

The reason is that wasting time can make things more severe. Against this backdrop, some of the signs that suggest that a gas leakage problem might be existent include the following:

Unusual Smell

It is not hard to tell the smell of gas. So, you should know right away that there is a gas leak problem if you start to perceive the odor. You should contact your plumber to handle the situation right away.

To put things in perspective, the smell in question is such as rotten egg. It could also be the smell of sulfur.

Hissing Noise

The various pipes that carry this gas to appliances are under pressure measures. As a result, a gas leak would cause the escaped gas to let out a hissing sound. When you hear this sound, you should trace it, especially in vulnerable joints.

These are especially joints where the pipes contact the gas-powered appliances. This might be your fireplace, furnace, grill machine, and the like.

Adverse Effects on Health

More often than not, pets are more vulnerable to these health challenges due to gas leaks. So, you should be very observant if/when your pets start showing some of the adverse signs caused by these gas leaks.

The truth is that you cannot be too careful when gas leaks are involved. So, you should be very observant. Speaking of the adverse health signs you should look out for, they include dizziness, nausea, appetite loss, and lethargy.

Do not play down the need to check if it is a gas leakage problem if you notice these adverse health signs. You need to make sure it is not a gas leak problem. If it is, you should call your plumber to handle the situation as soon as possible.

For the record, not every gas leak problem will be evident by the odor, as explained above. This is for various reasons, including the area where the leak has occurred. So, you should not only use this sign as a means to determine if there is a gas leak problem.

And just in case you have a problem telling if you have this problem in your residential or commercial space, you can engage the services of a plumber to help out. For one, these professionals are trained to notice the slightest sign of this problem.

They also have detection tools that help make the detection process accurate and even quick. So, you can reach out to them for this reason.

Death of Houseplants

Just as a gas leak has adverse effects on the health of pets and humans, plants are equally not spared. When they come in contact with these gasses, they are affected, leading to their death when things are not handled on time. If you notice that your home plants show such signs, you should ensure the problem is not a gas leak.

What You Should Do If/When There Is a Gas Leakage

Gas is a susceptible subject, reflected in how you handle it. This is why you need to know how to shut off gas flow when these leaks occur. The point is to protect yourself and everyone nearby as much as possible.

Other than shutting off the gas flow using the appropriate valve(s), there are certain things you should not do when you have this issue. Some of them include the following:

No Use of Cell Phone

You must have heard time and time again that gas and cell phones are no good combination. For this reason, you should resist every urge to use your cell phone close to where there is a gas leak. This is in your best interest and the interest of everyone around.

No Smoking

You probably know by now that smoking should not happen close to any gas leak. But for the benefit of the doubt, smoking close to any place with a gas leak is a no-no. It should not happen to avoid untold damage.

Do Not Turn On any Electric Switch.

You should turn off electric switches and keep it that way until the issue is resolved. This is to be on the safe side and avoid damage.

Do Not Turn On your Vehicle

You should not turn on your vehicle near a gas leak to avoid a fire outbreak. This is a possibility, so you should be extra careful.

Stay Away from the Area

It is strongly advised that you stay away from the area. This is important as even the smell and inhalation of gas are not ideal for you and residents at large. So, you should stay away from the area.

Reach Out to Your Plumber

This is one of the first things that should be done. You need to get the right hands to get the situation under control. Well, this happens to be the plumber.


Plumbers are well able to handle gas leak problems. This mainly has to do with connections to gas-powered appliances and gas lines within the building. So, you should reach out to a capable plumber when you have this problem.


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