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Shower Drain Plumbing

Plumbing a shower drain is not one of the easiest jobs especially when you want to replace an old drain with a new drain. When choosing a shower drain, you must consider the shower base, types of pipes, and the manufacturer’s recommendation for both the drain and shower pan. However, you need professional expertise to do the right job of plumbing a shower drain.

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Butler Plumbing Inc. is a company with professional plumbing experts. Our team works towards plumbing your shower drains and offers gold standard customer service. We ensure that your shower is well-fixed and it does not leak.

Our Services

We install different types of shower drains according to your preference. Our team has the expertise and is experienced in plumbing and installing different shower drains.

Compression-Style Shower Drain

In most cases, compression shower drains are connected to drain pipes through compression washers hence the name. This kind of shower drain is the easiest to install if there are no crawl spaces or a basement beneath the shower base.

We recognize the difficulties involved in installing this shower drain. Our team uses PVC, ABS, or brass materials but we mostly plumb the shower drains with PVC given its durability and strength. Finally, to give a good finishing, we fit the material with fiberglass, steel, or acrylic shower bases.

Solvent-Glued Shower Drain

Solvent-glued drains are not the best in crawl rooms or basements. However, shower drains use PVC or ABS molded plastic. We ensure that your shower drain is compatible with your drain system’s plastic material to avoid any leaks.  Given our expertise in the field, we noted that the solvent-glued shower drain is the hardest to fix because you need the exact measurements. We carry out professional services using the right measuring tools to deliver a perfect solvent-glued shower drain.

Tile Shower Drainage

Integrated drains include three-piece units installed at different stages on a custom tile-dwelling bath. A waterproof membrane lining is attached to two lower flanges. It has the lowest water resistance and will make sure any dirt and debris that comes under the mortar will go into the drains. But, fixing the tile shower drainage needs professional plumbers to ensure that the tiles are well fixed and the shower drains well.

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Our company operates in the environs of Oklahoma City and has built a strong reputation over the years. We plumb various types of shower drains for both homes and businesses, and do repairs, maintenance and replacements. We value client experience and work towards meeting your expectations.

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shower drain plumbing oklahoma city

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