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faucet repair and replacement

Faucet Replacement and Repair

You have just acquired a new home and the master bedroom bathroom has faucets that need repairs because they are leaky. After several repairs, the problem is not yet solved. It is that time that you must consider bathroom faucet replacement. Replacing the existing bathroom faucet is not an easy task and our licensed plumbers can help you with the process.

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Our company, Butler Plumbing Inc. has a team of expert plumbers that offer bathroom faucet replacement. We have the best tools for the job and we work towards making your bathrooms leak-proof. We have years of experience replacing bathroom faucets across Oklahoma City and we will be glad to help you.

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Four reasons that call for a bathroom faucet replacement

Old Faucet

If you bought an old home, the faucets could be very old and out of style. This means that the faucet could be old and unattractive.  It is time to replace them with new modern ones. If your bathroom faucets are more than 8 years old, they definitely need a replacement.

Faucet Leaks

Some faucets become faulty with frequent usage. As such, they lose their grip and they are continuously dripping. The water bills get inflated which means that you have to work more to pay them. In such cases, our team considers it cost-effective to make a replacement instead of repairs.

Inefficient Faucets that Use Too Much Water

Your faucet could be the type that releases too much water per turn. Data from the EPA shows that old faucets are wasteful since they release more than 2.2 gallons of water per minute. Such bathroom faucets are not water-efficient and they should be replaced with water-efficient ones that release only 1.5 gallons per minute. You can count on our services to help you identify new faucets that can save you water and money.

 Broken/ Worn Off Faucets

Your faucet could be broken or chipped but functional. Others produce a loud sound that irritates your teeth.

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Changing faucets is not an easy job because the bathroom has several fixtures. You need professional plumbers that understand the system well and we can execute the task to perfection. Our skilled professionals are always ready to help you with all your faucet replacement needs. If you need more advice, you can call us and we can schedule an appointment to discuss and assess your bathroom faucets. You can call us or drop us a message on our website. We respond to all calls and messages within 24 hours.

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