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7 Common showering problems in Oklahoma City

Whether you have been residing in Oklahoma City for a while or you just moved into the city, you will want to shower to prepare yourself for the day’s task or refresh yourself after a hectic day. In these situations, certainly, you are not prepared for any problem that might come with the use of the shower. To ensure that your shower continually functions, you should watch out for some problems. Check out this guide to learn about some of the common showering problems in Oklahoma City and how you can fix them.

Top Issues

1. Low pressure

This is perhaps the most annoying of all showering problems. The shower is not producing the adequate amount of pressure that could satisfy you, especially when you plan to bathe quickly. If you are experiencing low pressure from the shower, the problem could be from the shower faucet, dirt in the water pipe, faulty showerhead, and many more. Do not panic when you experience this. You can call a local plumber in Oklahoma City to fix a new high-flowing shower faucet or check if the problem is from the pipe.

2. Clogs or slow draining

Experiencing this is always disgusting. Have you ever experienced a pool of water at your feet while bathing? It means that the pipes are clogged. Well, you can get personal and check for any possible blockage. It could be dirt, hair, soap, or other items that are accidentally dropped in the drain. If you are dealing with a small clog or slow draining, you can fix it yourself by pouring baking soda and vinegar into the drain. If the clog is difficult to remove, you can call for a local plumber in Oklahoma City or visit us. Read more about our service.

3. Dripping shower faucet

A leaking shower faucet can waste gallons of water daily, thereby increasing your water bill and causing other potential damage to the bathroom. It could be due to overuse, mishandling, or wear and tear. Though this is not a serious problem, you could be spending more than your budget if you do not fix it soon. Replacing the faucet is inexpensive and you should be able to do it yourself, but choosing the right one might be difficult. That’s why it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber.

4. Bad smells

It is usually hectic withstanding the bad smell from the shower. Some people can’t even stand it for a minute. Most times, a bad smell in the shower is caused by clogs or the presence of molds due to dripping faucets. Well, if you experience this, you can temporarily resolve this by ventilating the place. However, for a permanent solution, especially when it is caused by clogs, you need a professional plumber.

5. Noisy shower

The only sound that should be coming out from the shower apart from the streams of water should be your voice if you are singing. When you begin to experience other disturbing sounds, it means something is not rightly secured. Probably a unit is not secured firmly to the wall or the pipes need to be secured with brackets. Nevertheless, this isn’t a serious problem except it involves the complex systems of pipes. You should check all pipes and ensure that they are secured tightly.

6. Rattling pipes

This problem usually arises when hot and cold water is battling for space. This is something you can easily fix by yourself when it happens. You can adjust the mixing valve. However, you should be careful when doing this because of the thermal shock that might arise. You can contact any plumber in Oklahoma City for professional assistance.

7. Scalding hot water

Experiencing this could be painful especially when you are not prepared for it. It usually arises in a situation where you are having your cold shower and someone in your house suddenly flushes the toilet. The cold water will rush to the toilet to complete the flush leaving you with only scald hot water. Well, you can prevent this painful experience from happening by installing a high-efficiency toilet. This will reduce the amount of cold water that the toilet needs when someone suddenly flushes, thereby reducing the efficiency of the hot water.


You have learned about the most common showering problems in this article and how you can fix them. If you experience any of it and you are unable to fix it, you can contact us for a swift and permanent solution.